Our Team

Our team at iFoodLounge endeavors not only to serve food of the highest quality but also to take you on a mouthwatering adventure. It can be an opportunity to explore real specialties, or simply to find traditional comfort food, the kind grandma would make. It is our love for the rich and diverse flavors of vegetarian Indian cuisine that motivates us to give you an experience in tradition. It is our hope that we may help you travel a little, and explore the unique vegetarian food each state has to offer.

Meet our iFood Team..

Kamlesh Agrawal  | Co-Founder

An expert chef who has traveled and stayed across different states of India including small towns to bigger cities exploring and experimenting different cuisines. Mrs. Kamlesh has been a house wife throughout her life and her passion for food has evolved the idea of bringing regional delicacies which has not got on to many platforms as yet. She heads our creative and food freak chefs ensuring quality along with the taste of mother makes a perfect combination.

Brij Mohan Agrawal  | Managing Director

A textile engineer throughout his life who also happens to be a foodie. The knack of criticizing the quality and taste with an intent to get the best has led him join iFoodLounge as a director. He has been a visionary to launch iFoodLounge in Indore.