About Us

What does iFoodLounge stand for? Indian food? Internet food? Innovative food? Perhaps we try to bring you a combination of all of these so that you can fulfill your specific food cravings by simply browsing through the web, from the comfort of your home. What sets us apart is our unique menu that caters to vegetarian specialties from various states, so that you can enjoy authentic tastes from each region. Unlike your traditional restaurant, we believe in serving dishes that uniquely define the culinary culture of a region. That makes us a nontraditional restaurant serving you a platter of real tradition from more than one region of the country!

Our team at iFoodLounge endeavors not only to serve food of the highest quality but also to take you on a mouthwatering adventure. It can be an opportunity to explore real specialties, or simply to find traditional comfort food, the kind grandma would make. It is our love for the rich and diverse flavors of vegetarian Indian cuisine that motivates us to give you an experience in tradition. It is our hope that we may help you travel a little, and explore the unique vegetarian food each state has to offer.

Our Differentiators

Our three-point theory for launching iFoodLounge sets us apart in the food and hospitality market.

# 1 Go traditionally untraditional

Over the last few decades, the Indian market has been flooded with food restaurants serving traditional Indian food. Primarily one finds two kinds of restaurant set-ups in India –

+ Single Cuisine

The single cuisine restaurants typically sell standard cuisine, which is mostly North Indian food. However, amidst this category, there are also a few restaurants, which focus on specialized cuisine from a single region, e.g., Rajasthani or Gujarati. However, restaurants serving specialized cuisine are fewer. There is a need for restaurants, which serve unique specialty food that may otherwise be found only in households. Undhiyu a Gujarati specialty on our menu is a good example for this.

+ Multi Cuisine

The multi cuisine restaurants take a step further, with multiple cuisines to add variety to their menu. However, such restaurants tend to mix food from India and other countries. For instance; a famous Punjabi chain in India servers North Indian food along with Chinese.

We @ iFoodLounge have a strong emphasis on Indian tradition, which is too rich to be neglected. We feel there is a lot of tantalizing food, which is still out of reach of people. We attempt to bring the missing specialties from across the country under one platform, while making it easy for people to grab it at the click of a mouse button. Hence, we are traditionally untraditional which sets up apart from the league. Having specialties from various states allows our consumers to sample new cuisine from more than one region at one restaurant. This greatly eases their access to real cuisine from across India. This implies that if a person in Gujarat wants to try real Maharashtrian cuisine, he need not take the trouble of looking for a fancy specialty restaurant in his area, but may simply order it online. What is more? The following day he is free to try out Rajasthani cuisine, from the same restaurant, and instead of getting run of the mill food, he can experience real traditional dishes.

# 2 Go Vegetarian

In the recent research conducted by United States, the percentage of people dying because of non-vegetarian food is significantly high. We are aiming to serve vegetarian food only to ensure taste and health goes hand in hand.

# 3 Go Healthy

We Indians have the reputation of serving unhealthy and spicy food and we do not deny this. It has been observed that people are indeed focused on having delicious food outside and end up compromising their health. Our motto is not just to serve food but to serve healthy food. We attempt to use Safola oil for the preparation of the food, which ensures cholesterol levels are kept in check.

Quality and health are the priorities here. These cannot be compromised, even if overall cost is slightly higher.