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Farali Thali

Farali Thali

Rs. 160.00

Can you imagine fasting can also be feasting? Certainly Yes !

Gratify your hunger pangs with this excellent thali which not only has an assorted range of delicacies but is healthy and nutritious. This authentic Fariyali Bites consist of marvelous items, like:
  • 4 Poori (Made from Mordhan, Rajgira and Shingoda Atta mix)
  • Aloo Sabzi (in rock salt)
  • Shreekhand/Lauki Halwa
  • Saboodana Khichdi
  • Fariyali Mixture
  • Dahi (Curd)
  • Green Chillies / Lemon
  • Salad

Note: Entire preparation is done using rock salt and ingredients of fast.