Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well

This is the latest mantra for staying fit, especially when our hectic schedule takes a toll on our health. But eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to cut down on tasty, sumptuous food; we can always maintain a balance between palatable foods and healthy diet. So if you want to make your boring insipid food into delicious and tempting tastefulness, then get hold of these yummy food items, especially in India which will surely be enjoyed by you immensely.

    Brown rice

      Yes, it may be quite new in India, but within the last 5 years, brown rice has considerably gained momentum and is doing pretty well. Efficient than white rice, it consists of a certain substance and is enriched in fiber. The flaky taste and the composition of brown rice makes it appropriate for a hearty meal with any kind of side dish. To top it all, brown rice is very filling!



          A rich source of high quality protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, tofu is considered as the perfect soy-product replacing paneer. Recent research has discovered that tofu consists of a significant amount of calcium and manganese, thus protecting the body from several diseases like, diabetes, cancer and obesity. So you can very well imagine the necessities of tofu! Try some Indian recipes on tofu and savor them guilelessly.



              Rajma-chawal is the staple food in India and surely rajma comprises of some excellent elements which are healthy. The high fiber content in rajma is essential for all of us, especially those who are busy in their hectic lifestyle. The iron and protein content is quite substantial, hence very important for health. Rajma is one such food which is not only healthy, but tasty as well. Try including it in your regular diet along with other legumes and enjoy the delicious dish of rajma.

                Wholegrain bread

                  The content of fiber in wholegrain bread is huge and along with that its nutritional advantages add to it, making it even more desirable. So if you want to make a healthy start to your cumbersome day, then try a light toast on wholegrain bread; a gratifying and satiating breakfast indeed.

                    Porridge (Dalia)

                      A wholesome meal, porridge is mainly known as dalia in India and is composed of whole wheat grits or cracked wheat. It is considered as the quintessential food for the diabetics and for those who have high cholesterol levels. Dalia is quite a common dish at North India. So go ahead and try this amazing delicacy; it hardly takes few minutes!

                        Sesame oil

                          Sesame seed oil is treated as the healing oil, used almost thousands of years ago. Now with the advent of modern technology, sesame seed oil is being used for cooking purpose as well. The vitamins, antibacterial properties, and the antiviral features make this food item fit for consumption. So why not try some delectable dishes with sesame seed oil?

                          So go healthy without sacrificing on taste.

                          iFoodLounge presents to you a wide array of sumptuous delicacies which will surely be savored by you.

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