Bringing Cultures Together at iFoodLounge

Bringing Cultures Together at iFoodLounge

Religion and class divides us, but the love for food unites us. Now that’s called India’s specialty. The age-old diversified cultural background of India has always been welcomed by everyone, and so are the traditional dishes. Every state of India harbors different kind of conventional dishes which are their expertise. iFoodLounge presents to you a delectable collection of classic delicious savories from the famous states of India. Now you need not worry about traveling to different parts of the country to taste these platters; you can very well enjoy them at iFoodLounge which caters sensational cuisines from the 6 states of India.

Below is the list of some exquisite dishes namely from Maharashtra, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. Their palatable taste along with their succulent aroma is sure to transport you to their customs and cultures.



The picturesque state of rhythm, fun and energy, Maharashtra serves up some deliquescent patent dishes of vada pao, shreekhand and pooran poli and many more. These recipes are renowned at Maharashtra for their yummy tastes and ready availability. At iFoodLounge you can expect to be served with delicious Maharashtrian dishes along with hot piping beverage which will complete your appetite.


The land of vernacular music and heartwarming courtesy, Punjab houses some delicious mouth-watering recipes which are simply marvelous. If you are an absolute Punjabi foodie, then visit iFoodLounge for some lip smacking chole bhatoore, tempting paneer rolls, an assorted range of aloo/gobi/paneer parantha and satisfying rajma chawal. Down it with a gratifying glass of lassi, the favorite among all. Every bite will be savored by you and you will feel the true essence of Punjab.

Madhya Pradesh

Referred as the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is an expanse of varied topography, historical memoirs and classic signature cuisines. Check out the customary dishes of sabudana khichdi, poha, paneer chilla and many more classical dishes at iFoodLounge. Have a relaxing savor of some amazing food from Madhya Pradesh.



A prosperous state with a cultural diversity, Gujarat is vivacious with a rich heritage, conventional traditions and some specialized classic dishes which are popular throughout the country. The specialty dishes of Gujrat which are available at iFoodLounge are yummy handvo, undhiyo, methi muthiya, khaman dhokla and many more sumptuous delicacies which define the flavors of Gujarat. Surely the perfect getaway to the enthusiasm of Gujarat.


An enormous traditional state, opulent in art and culture, Rajasthan depicts an elegant destination for everyone, and surely its cuisines are world famous. Now you don’t have to travel so far; simply visit iFoodLounge to experience a heavenly delicacy. The delicious combo of gatte ki sabzi-parantha and dal bati churma are mesmerizing. You can also try the kadhi rice which is tempting.

Tamil Nadu

Enriched with traditions and culture, Tamil Nadu is also renowned for its flavorsome dishes and cuisines. Stopover at iFoodLounge to taste some delectable healthy dishes of idli, dosa, uttapam, idli-vada combo and many other southern recipes. You will surely be tempted to try them again the next time.What makes iFoodLounge different from other diners is that we specialize in catering excellent conventional and signature dishes of the popular states of India under one roof at affordable prices, which is quite impossible to acquire in other eateries.


  • kamal kishore Agrawal

    Ifood की थाली वाकई मे घर जैसा मा के हाथ का बना खाना हो।wow

  • Gumla Sen

    Why isn’t there any Bengali cuisine in your list? Luchi alur dum, Koraishutir kachuri, Luchi Bonde/Mihidana. I am sure Bongs in Indore would love them

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